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Texas Motorcycle Accident: Look Twice Campaign to Save Lives

Posted on Apr 21, 2012
In an effort to save lives, the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) has launched “Look Twice,” a campaign to remind drivers to look twice for motorcycles when at intersections and when changing lanes. The agency hopes that the campaign will reduce the number of dangerous Texas motorcycle accidents.

Texas Motorcycle Accident Statistics
In 2011, an estimated 470 motorcyclists and motorcycle passengers died in Texas motorcycle accidents, an increase of 41 deaths from 2010. Those fatalities accounted for an estimated 16 percent of all of Texas’s traffic fatalities. TxDOT says in half of those fatal motorcycle accidents, the driver never saw the motorcycle.

The statistics show a harsh reality that as more people choose to ride motorcycles, more people are also dying in motorcycle accidents. The number of people killed in Texas motorcycle accidents in 2000 was 196, and today that number has more than doubled.

Because of their small size, drivers often do not see motorcyclists and are unable to react in time to prevent a collision with a motorcyclist. Unfortunately for the motorcyclists and their passengers, an estimated 87 percent of motorcycle crash injuries are fatal. Compared to car drivers, motorcyclists are five times more likely to be injured in a crash and are 25 times more likely to die in an accident.

Preventing a Texas Motorcycle Accident: Look Twice, Save a Life
As part of the Look Twice Campaign, billboards and public service announcements will be urging drivers to look for motorcyclists and use care when changing lanes and crossing intersections—two places where motorcycle accidents commonly occur. In motorcycle accidents involving cars, nearly half of the fatalities occurred when the car turned left in front of an oncoming motorcyclist.

TxDOT said it started the new public service campaign because motorcyclists are dying in “record numbers.” The Texas Transportation Institute projects that if drivers do not use more caution in looking for motorcyclists, then the number of motorcyclist deaths due to collisions with cars could double by 2015, as motorcycles and scooters become more popular due to rising gas prices. In fact, the number of motorcycles in Texas has more than doubled in the past decade to more than 420,000 and is expected to be as high as 800,000 in the next few years.

Texas Motorcycle Accident Injuries
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