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Personal Injury Attorneys Experienced in Dangerous Prescription Drug Lawsuits

Faced with huge medical bills, the loss of a loved one or long term health repercussions, families in Texas have a right to justice. It is crucial that you hire an attorney with the expertise and experience to stand against large pharmaceutical companies.

Every drug has some side effects, but most are generally minor – like those affecting the gastrointestinal system. But when a legally prescribed drug causes more harm than good and leaves you or someone you love with unacceptable side effects, you need to seek immediate medical help from a trusted source.

Many times you will find that these side effects are well documented on the internet because a large number of people have gone through the same ordeal, have voiced their anger, or are fighting for compensation.

Dangerous Prescription Drugs Can Have Severe Side Effects

Adverse reactions from prescription drugs can be lethal and provoke a variety of outcomes. From suicidal tendencies to strokes or worse, some drugs can have serious and long term consequences. These dangerous drugs may affect the blood, muscles, bones, brain, lungs, liver, kidneys, senses or skin, leaving the victim with pain or disturbed mental faculties. A number of drugs have also been demonstrated to contribute to birth defects.

Many prescription drugs have been removed from the market after repeated cases of dangerous side effects surfaced. However, in more than a few cases, the pharmaceutical industry has willfully covered up research showing the existence of these side effects.

Kay Van Wey Handles Dangerous Drug Lawsuits Throughout Texas & Nationwide

Dallas-based drug injury lawyer Kay Van Wey has successfully secured compensation for and defended the rights of patients nationwide who have taken prescription drugs and suffered from serious or lethal side effects.

If you’ve lost a loved one or suffered severe injuries due to dangerous drugs, defending your rights and getting the compensation you deserve is going to be an uphill battle. You need top-rated Texas Super Lawyer Kay Van Wey on your side. She combines a proficiency of medical and pharmaceutical issues with the compassion and empathy you need in your Texas drug injury attorney.

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