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Bicycle Accidents

What Rights Do Cyclists Have in Texas?

According to Texas law, bicycles are considered vehicles and cyclists have all the same rights on the road as cars do. However, if a car and a bicycle get into an accident, the cyclist is clearly afforded far less protection than the driver.

This makes cycling on the road quite scary and bicycle accidents particularly serious. Attorney Kay Van Wey is familiar with this fear firsthand as an avid cyclist herself.

Some of the rights cyclists have in Texas:

  • To ride in the road, near the curb in the same direction as traffic
  • To be given safe passing distance by vehicles
  • To use hand signaling when turning in the far right lane
  • To ride two riders (maximum) in one lane

Riding safely on the road is always important, and cyclists are required by law to maintain a proper and functioning brake system. Helmets, though not legally required, are crucial to cycling safety and should be worn at all times. You should always carries some form of personal identification and emergency contact information as well in case of a bicycle accident with a motor vehicle.

On television, there are many drug commercials touting the benefits of one drug over another and persuading us that our lives will be better if we take their drugs.

In some cases, there are competing advertisements. One by the drug company selling the drug and one by law firms warning about the dangers of the drug.

Similarly, it seems magazines are full of three-page spreads for prescription drugs. One page with information about the drug, the other two pages dedicated to lists and lists and lists of side effects.

So, how can the average consumer know whether a drug they are taking is actually safe? Unfortunately, for many people, the answer to that question comes too late.

So often, we represent patients and their families who were prescribed drugs that they and even their physician thought were safe, but it wasn’t until they suffered a serious or fatal complication, began to do their homework and discovered  that other patients had experienced the same  problem.

What To Do If You’re Involved in a Bicycle Accident

Hiring a Dallas Bicycle Accident Lawyer

If you or a loved one were involved in a cycling accident with a negligent motor vehicle, you may have a legal case. Reckless drivers who tailgate cyclists or pass too closely may be at fault if an accident occurred. Drunk drivers or distracted drivers can also be responsible for bicycle accidents.

While practicing safe cycling is of course key, sometimes it is out of the cyclist’s control – that’s where Kay and the team at Van Wey, Metzler & Williams  come in. Our team may be able to help you recover for your injuries if you were injured while cycling by a negligent driver. Call us as soon as possible for a no-cost consultation with an experienced Dallas bicycle accident lawyer.

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