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Kay Van Wey

Represented multiple patients who were injured by a drug-addicted surgeon who harmed them during surgery, resulting in severe maiming. The hospital kept the doctor on staff after they knew, or had reason to suspect, that the doctor was actively using cocaine and presented a danger to his patients. Various hospitals settled for confidential sums. This case received national media attention. The aggregate settlement was for multiple millions of dollars. The amount each injured party was awarded varied according to their injuries.

Brady Williams

Represented an individual who suffered a spinal cord injury caused by unsafe premises at a Mexican hotel. Resulted in confidential 7-figure settlement.

Kay Van Wey

Represented a young woman who underwent routine back surgery and awakened with complete loss of sight. The case was resolved after protracted litigation for multiple six figures.

A healthcare worker was injured at a facility-sponsored event resulting in permanent nerve damage and total disability.

This case settled on the eve of trial after a nearly three-year-long court battle and after two prior failed mediations. The case settled for several million dollars, which according to our experts, was the amount of money required to pay for our client’s lifetime medical costs and to replace her lifetime earnings.

Brady Williams

Represented a family who suffered a tragic birth injury resulting in hypoxic ischemic encephalopathy from failure to timely deliver the infant. The negotiation resulted in confidential 7-figure settlement.

Kay Van Wey

Represented a young man who was working in an industrial park. The park had roads but no street signs. He was involved in a high-speed collision that left him with a traumatic brain injury. The case settled for $2,160,000.

Defective Medical Device Case

Our client was implanted with an artificial knee that was later recalled. VWMW Law filed a lawsuit on her behalf, and her case ultimately settled for $300,000.

Defective Drug Case

Our client was prescribed a drug which caused her to have a pulmonary embolism. VWMW Law filed a lawsuit against the drug manufacturer and ultimately settled her case for approximately $200,000.

Car Wreck Case

Our client was in a car wreck and sustained a back injury which required surgery. After we filed suit and litigated the case, it settled on the eve of trial for $300,000.

Elderly Patient Falls in the Hospital Resulting in a Subdural Hematoma and Death

An elderly patient falls in the hospital resulting in a subdural hematoma and death. We settled the case prior to litigation for approximately $225,000, with the hospital admitting fault. Due to medical malpractice caps, the maximum amount we could recover for our client was $250,000.

Brady Williams

Represented a client in an auto accident with 18-wheeler resulting in permanent injury. Negotiations resulted in a confidential 7-figure settlement.

Kay Van Wey

Represented a patient who underwent an interventional pain procedure and suffered a severe anoxic brain injury. Her case settled during litigation for $4,000,000.

Medical Malpractice Resulting in Death

This case involved a psychiatric patient who experienced respiratory distress and was transferred from the psychiatric facility to a nearby hospital. The emergency room physicians instructed the nurses to closely monitor her, but they failed to do so and the patient died of respiratory distress in the hospital. The case settled for approximately $1.7 million dollars.

Luke Metzler

Successfully resolved more than 40 cases for more than a million dollars.

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