For All The Talk About How Good Your Lawyer Should Be, Just Look At The Figures…

A good law firm produces good results.

In order to determine whether Van Wey Law is the Dallas, Texas law firm for you, capable of handling complex cases with challenging medical, pharmaceutical or health care issues, and strong enough to fight powerful defendants, you can always take the shortcut to the Case Results. No lawyer can or should promise a particular result to any client on any particular case. Why? Because each case and each client is unique. There is no special book a lawyer can go to or a chart where we can scientifically calculate the value of your injury or loss.In fact, the value of  a particular case can increase and decrease over the course of litigation depending upon a multitude of factors. Ultimately, the value of your case is determined by one of two things. First, the value may be determined by what a responsible party is willing to settle for and you are willing to accept. We often say, a good settlement is one where the responsible party feels they paid too much and they client feels they settled for too little. This is called compromise. The other way to truly determine the value of your case is to impanel twelve citizens to sit on a jury and determine your fate. And then, after the jury determines whether you win or lose and the value of your injury or loss, you may have to convince a panel of appellate Judges that the result was fair. Even under these circumstances, I caution clients that  if you tried the same case to a different jury, you would almost certainly end up with a different result. So, why then do prior case results matter? They matter because they tend to show the experience of your attorney. If you have a big and important case, you don’t want this to be your lawyer’s “first rodeo.” You want a lawyer who has handled cases similar to yours and who has the “chops” to face large, powerful opponents and achieve significant results that are necessary to right a wrong and restore financial security to the injured party.

A Texas Super Lawyer with million dollar and  multi-million dollar settlements doesn’t get there by chance. It takes years and years of dedication, hard work and being on the battlefield.

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DISCLAIMER: The results are specific to the facts and legal circumstances of each of the clients’ cases and should not be used to form an expectation that the same results could be obtained for other clients in similar matters without reference to the specific factual and legal circumstances of each client’s case.

As well, please note that this is intended to only be a few examples of the types of cases we have handled over our many years of practice. It would be impossible to list every case and every outcome.

Multiple Patients Were Injured by a Drug Addicted Surgeon

Multiple patients were injured by a drug addicted surgeon who harmed them during surgery, resulting in severe injuries. The hospital kept the doctor on staff after they knew, or had reason to suspect, that the doctor was actively using cocaine and presented a danger to his patients.Various  hospitals settled for confidential sums. This case received national media attention. The aggregate settlement was for multiple millions of dollars.  The amount each injured party was awarded varied according to their injuries.

A healthcare worker was injured at a facility sponsored event resulting in permanent nerve damage and total disability

This case settled on the eve of trial after a nearly three year long court battle  and after two prior failed mediations. The case settled for several million dollars, which according to our experts, was the amount of money required to pay for our client’s lifetime medical costs and to replace her lifetime earnings.

Multiple Patients Sued a Physician Who We Alleged was Operating a Pill Mill

This case was litigated in Nevada on behalf of  numerous former patients of a Nevada physician. The case was widely covered in the media. The total settlement was for several million dollars, although no single plaintiff recovered more than several hundred thousand dollars. The physician’s license was suspended and his DEA license to write prescriptions for narcotics was revoked.

Multiple Patients Sued a Doctor, Clinic and Pharmacy Who We Allege Conspired to Distribute Narcotics to Patients Without a Valid Medical Purpose

This case also received tremendous media attention. This physician faced criminal charges and ultimately lost his medical license. The total settlement for all patients against all parties was for multiple millions of dollars. However, no single patient received more than several hundred thousand dollars.

Multiple Patients Sued a Surgeon Who was Accused of Being a Cocaine Addict

This case involved many former patients of a once promising, young spine surgeon who became addicted to cocaine and severely injured many of his patients. As well, the case was against the hospital who we claimed knew he was actively using cocaine, and yet failed to stop him. The cases ultimately settled for approximately $9.8 million dollars. A few of the patients that were severely injured received individual settlements that exceeded one million dollars. However, after deducting attorneys fees, case expenses and healthcare liens, no individual client ended up with  one million dollars net.

Medical Malpractice Resulting in Death

This case involved a psychiatric patient who experienced respiratory distress and was transferred from the psychiatric facility to a nearby hospital. The emergency room physicians instructed the nurses to closely monitor her, but they failed to do so and the patient died of respiratory distress in the hospital. The case settled for approximately  $1.7 million dollars. However, after the costs of litigation and attorneys fees, the family was left with slightly less than $1 million dollars.

Medical Malpractice Resulting in Death

A woman died after child birth in a Dallas hospital. Her case was resolved on the eve of trial after years of protracted litigation. The case settled for $750,000.00. Due to the cost of litigating the case, the clients received  less than $400,000.00.

Motorcycle Wreck Resulting In Severe Orthopedic Injuries and Brain Damage

Our client was involved in a motorcycle wreck resulting in severe orthopedic injuries and brain damage. He was hit by a box truck that pulled out in front of him. We resolved the case for a sum in excess of $2.5 million dollars. After the cost of litigation and attorney’s fees, as well as repaying a significant healthcare lien, the injured client received approximately $1 million dollars.

Industrial Accident Results in Severe Knee Injury

This case was tried to a jury and resulted in a $400,000 jury verdict. The construction company had offered $15,000.00 prior to trial. The case ultimately settled  after the jury verdict for less than the jury verdict because there were issues with the financial solvency of the insurance company which insured the construction company. The client ended up with six figures.

Bad Faith Insurance Claim Tried to Jury

This case pertained to a homeowner’s policy. The homeowner claimed that a burglar had broken into his home and stolen several hundred thousand dollars of jewelry. His insurance company denied the claim. Prior to trial, his insurance company offered $15.00 (Fifteen dollars). The jury awarded in excess of $250,000.00. The client ended up with six figures after deducting attorneys fees and expenses.

On The Job Injury Resulting in  Brain DamageThis case pertained to an on the job injury where a stack of doors fell on a worker pinning him down and resulting in a traumatic brain injury. We filed suit against the employer and the manufacturer of the doors who had set up the display in such a manner that they were prone to fall. The case settled for slightly in excess of $500,00 and, after deducting attorney’s fees and expenses, the client ended up with several hundred thousand dollars.

Elderly Patient Falls in the Hospital Resulting in a Subdural Hematoma and Death

An elderly patient falls in the hospital resulting in a subdural hematoma and death. We settled the case prior to litigation for approximately $225,000.00, with the hospital admitting fault. Due to medical malpractice caps, the maximum amount we could recover for our client was $250,000.00. The heirs ended up with more than $100,000 for their part of the settlement after deducting attorney’s fees and expenses because we were able to settle prior to suit and therefore, keep the expenses low.

Defective Drug Case

Our client was prescribed a drug which caused her to have a pulmonary embolism. We filed a lawsuit against the drug manufacturer and ultimately settled her case for approximately $200,000.00. Our client received more than $100,000.00 of the settlement.

Defective Drug Case

Our client was prescribed a drug which caused him to suffer uncontrolled bleeding. We filed a lawsuit against the drug manufacturer and ultimately settled his case for approximately $______.

Defective Medical Device Case

Our client was implanted with an artificial knee that was later recalled. We filed a lawsuit on her behalf. Her case ultimately settled for $300,000.00. After deducting attorney’s fees and expenses, our client ended up with more than $100,000.00.

Car Wreck Case Resulting in Back Surgery

Our client was in a car wreck and sustained a back injury which required surgery. After we filed suit and litigated the case, it settled on the eve of trial for $300,000.00. After deducting attorney’s fees and expenses, the client was left with more than $100,000.00.

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