Have you or a loved one experienced complications with an Essure contraceptive device?

If you’ve dealt with serious side effects such as pain and bleeding or device migration, contact us below for a free consultation to determine if you have an Essure lawsuit.

The Essure contraceptive device has been praised for providing women with long-term control over their reproductive destinies. Unlike most other forms of birth control, Essure is designed to prevent pregnancy permanently and was seen as a presumably safer alternative to tubal ligation.

However, an alarming number of users complained of serious side effects, and Bayer finally removed the product from the market in 2018.

What Is Essure?

Essure came on the market in 2002, and Bayer Pharmaceuticals purchased it in 2013. Since Essure was introduced, roughly 750,000 implantation procedures have been performed.

When a woman opts for the Essure device, she will have two tiny metal coils implanted in her fallopian tubes. The coils stimulate inflammation and cause scar tissue to form, essentially closing the tubes. This prevents fertilization of the woman’s eggs.

What Are the Common Essure Side Effects?

Women have reported a number of concerning side effects, such as pain and bleeding, as well as device migration – which means the device moves away from the fallopian tubes and lodges in other parts of the body.

This is quite dangerous, as pieces of the device could break off and migrate to different areas of the body, increasing the risk of serious complications, such as organ perforation.

But the complications don’t end with device removal. The Essure coils are meant to be permanent, so removal is no easy task.

Some women suffer adverse effects related to removal surgery, while others have reported birth defects in children born after Essure was removed.

Backlash Against Essure

Public outcry over the health risks of Essure has grown in recent years. Protesters have demonstrated outside conferences to criticize physicians who continue to use the device. “The Bleeding Edge,” a Netflix documentary, extensively covered the controversy surrounding Essure.

Many women who have an Essure implant, but haven’t yet experienced complications, now want it removed because they’re concerned about their future well-being. Already, consumers have filed more than 15,000 Essure lawsuits throughout the country, and more are following suit every day. There’s little doubt that consumer pressure to hold Bayer accountable prompted the company to pull the product from the market.

What to Do If You Think You Have an Essure Lawsuit

EssureLitigation surrounding Essure devices is complex and challenging because the product was initially approved by the FDA. Under our current legal system, this can mean a company may be protected from liability for injuries. The ongoing fight in these cases will likely center around proving that Bayer and Conceptus, the company from which Bayer bought Essure, violated the terms of FDA approval, effectively forfeiting protection.

Hiring An Essure Lawyer

If you suffered severe complications from an Essure implant, we encourage you to reach out to an experienced Essure lawyer for a free consultation to determine whether you have grounds for a lawsuit.

The victims most likely to be eligible are those who experienced device migration, organ perforation, fractured coils, or other serious complications when having the device removed.

The medical device attorneys at Van Wey Law are available to discuss the details of your situation and help you determine if you can make a claim for damages.