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More About the Cases We Accept

We understand that seeking legal help can be a challenging and emotional journey. Our firm is committed to guiding you through this process with empathy and expertise, particularly in cases of medical malpractice and birth injuries. We also occasionally handle other significant cases that align with our expertise in medical-related legal matters.

Our team, led by Kay Van Wey, Luke Metzler, and Brady Williams, are highly respected in the field of personal injury law in Dallas. Our collective expertise spans various complex and demanding cases. Our focus is on forging a personal connection with you while possessing the determination and skill to succeed in demanding legal challenges.

Ensuring the Right Fit for Exceptional Legal Representation

Our firm is dedicated to providing the highest level of legal representation, particularly in cases involving serious medical malpractice and significant birth injuries. We believe in making a meaningful impact in the legal industry by taking on cases that have the potential to bring about positive change and set important precedents. This focus drives our decision to be selective about the cases we accept.

It is essential for us to ensure that our expertise aligns perfectly with the needs of your case. This alignment is not just about legal strategy, but also about ensuring a personal connection and comfort level that is crucial for the sensitive nature of these cases. We are deeply committed to understanding your unique situation and ensuring that our approach resonates with your expectations and needs.

We understand that every case is important and deeply personal. If we find that we are not the best fit for your case, it is with the utmost respect for your situation and with a belief that your case deserves the right representation. Our aim is to see that justice is served, whether through our firm or by guiding you to a team better suited to your specific case. This careful consideration is a testament to our commitment to integrity and excellence in legal practice.

Our areas of expertise include:

Medical Malpractice:

Our attorneys have extensive experience in handling cases involving medical negligence. This encompasses general medical malpractice, errors in surgery, medication errors, and issues arising in nursing homes and hospitals.

Birth Injury Cases:

The joy of childbirth can sometimes be marred by unforeseen complications. Our firm stands ready to assist if your baby has suffered injuries due to medical negligence.

Brain Injury Cases:

We recognize the immense impact of traumatic brain injuries and are well-versed in the complex legalities surrounding these cases.

Spinal Cord Injury Cases:

Understanding the life-altering nature of spinal cord injuries, we are prepared to represent cases where such injuries result from negligence.

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