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We are currently accepting certain cases where a patient had serious and even fatal injuries to the brain, heart and lungs because of air embolism. If you are in need of a Dallas air embolism injury lawyer, please contact us immediately for a free consultation.

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What is An Air Embolism?

An air embolism, simply stated, is the presence of air in the venous or arterial system. Air should not be in the vascular system and it can cause serious injuries such as brain damage and even death. Air embolism can almost always be prevented with proper care.

Air embolism is among the “never events” identified by the Center for Medicare Services (CMS). Based upon clinical data and research, CMS determined that with proper care an air embolism should NEVER occur. Stated another way, an air embolism is considered a completely preventable medical error which should never occur.

How Do Air Embolisms Occur?

Air embolisms can occur a variety of ways, but most commonly occur with IV catheters, central lines, PICC lines and the like. Air embolisms do not occur with lines that are placed below the heart level, such as in the wrist or elbow. But many patients require various lines to be installed above the heart level, such as in the chest, jugular vein, etc.

Air embolism usually occurs either as a result of improper placement or improper removal of lines. A direct pathway to the venous system is created with IV’s and lines, so care must be taken to avoid introducing air into the venous system when placing such an IV or line. Similarly, when IVs or lines are removed, care must be taken to seal the opening/direct access to the venous system by sealing the opening.

When an air bubble is allowed to enter the venous system it can block the normal blood supply, meaning blood cannot move past the air bubble causing blockage. This can cause serious and even fatal damage to the brain, heart and lungs.

If an air embolism is suspected, CT imaging should be obtained immediately , as air embolism is visible on CT scan. Air embolisms can also be diagnosed by autopsy.

Hiring A Dallas Air Embolism Injury Lawyer

If you suspect you or a loved one suffered an air embolism, it is crucial to get an experienced personal injury attorney investigating your situation. The attorneys at Van Wey Law have the expertise necessary to identify air embolism and if necessary, take the next steps necessary to hold the negligent parties responsible. Call our team at Van Wey Law today for a no-cost consultation with an experienced Dallas air embolism injury lawyer.

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