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Outpatient surgery centers, which perform surgical procedures outside of a hospital setting often as “day surgeries,” have grown in popularity recently, but with this spike of outpatient surgeries comes serious questions about the heightened risks and complications with these centers.

While many outpatient day surgeries may be perfectly safe in certain circumstances, there are also serious complications that can arise and even lead to severe injuries or death.

What Are the Biggest Concerns Surrounding Outpatient Surgery Centers?

Some of the major concerns associated with outpatient surgery and outpatient surgery centers are:

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  • Sending patients home too quickly and not observing/monitoring patient recovery for potential post-surgery complications
  • Outpatient surgery center staff with narrow expertise or staff lacking the proper training for potential surgery complications
  • Failing to have on-hand the proper equipment to handle any potential surgical complications or patient emergencies

Outpatient surgery centers are subject to federal and state regulatory schemes. For instance, Texas requires outpatient centers to obtain a state license through inspection by a state official to ensure the facility meets the state’s specific requirements. When an outpatient center falls below the standards set by these federal and state laws, it may constitute medical negligence and if someone is injured as a result, there may be a legal case against them.

Hiring a Dallas Outpatient Surgery Lawyer

If you or a loved one sustained serious injuries at an outpatient surgery center, and you suspect substandard care or negligence, you should speak with an experienced Dallas outpatient surgery lawyer about your situation. The team at Van Wey Law may be able to determine if there is a legal case and, if so, how to take action to hold the negligent parties responsible and obtain compensation for your injuries and damages.

At Van Wey Law, we specialize in medical malpractice. Our team has the knowledge and resources available to investigate these cases, figure out what went wrong, determine whether an outpatient center or physician is liable, and if so identify legal options going forward.

Contact us today for a no-cost consultation with an experienced Dallas outpatient surgery lawyer to see if you have a viable claim.

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