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Do doctors actually treat patients while under the influence of drugs and alcohol? How big of a problem are impaired physicians? Unfortunately, the numbers suggest that there are more impaired doctors in Texas that patients may think.

According to recent research, nearly 18% of doctors (one in every 5) suffer from a drug or alcohol problem at some point during their career. USA Today reported that over 100,000 medical professionals and health care providers operate under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol each year.

Sometimes they use alcohol or drugs to deal with the stressful nature of their jobs. They get hooked and can’t seem to stop. In addition, they have easy access to powerful narcotics that can lure them in, especially if compounded with addiction or mental health problems.

It is difficult to determine if doctors or nurses are using various narcotics because they are able to hide the use fairly easily. Until someone gets seriously injured or harmed and the impairment is discovered. Obviously, medical professionals are much more likely to harm patients when they are under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

These professionals have an obligation to keep their patients’ safe. They must be held responsible when they place lives in jeopardy. When an impaired doctor makes a mistake because of a drug or alcohol habit, that doctor is liable for medical malpractice and may be subject to a lawsuit from the harmed patient.

When doctor, pharmacist, or other medical professional injures you or a loved one as a result of drug or alcohol abuse, you have the right to take action. At Van Wey Law, we work to help victims of medical malpractice, and will thoroughly investigate your case.

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