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It’s almost unimaginable and it can be very difficult to come to grips with what has actually happened to you. How can such an error take place? Unfortunately, they happen more than any of us would like to believe, leaving patients in pain, shock and emotionally traumatized. In worst case scenarios, wrong site surgery can be fatal.

How Does Wrong Site Surgery Happen?

Wrong site surgeries can include:

  • Surgery performed on the wrong side of the body
  • Surgery performed on the wrong area of the body
  • Wrong limb amputated
  • Wrong organ removed
  • Surgery on the wrong patient

When preparing for surgery, medical professionals and staff are required to follow a strict protocol in the operating room. Procedures are put in place to ensure that patients are safe and that the proper medical procedure is performed.

Included in these policies are certain checks that must be done before surgery and again immediately before operating. This includes the verification that treatment is being done on the correct patient and on the correct part of the body, using the right procedure.

Still, mistakes like these occur:

  • Incorrect X-ray reading
  • Multiple surgeons or multiple surgeries involved in procedures
  • Time Constraints for surgery schedules
  • Inadequate site markings on the patient
  • Failure to communicate with patient
  • Failure to perform appropriate checks before and during operation
  • Poor communication between medical professionals and hospital staff
  • Using the wrong medical chart to recommend treatment

How We Can Help You

Many people who become a victim of wrong site surgery end up making a full recovery, however, others are left with permanent pain, disability or mental trauma as a result of a preventable event.

Filing a medical malpractice claim allows you to fight for compensation to pay for your medical expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering, along with bringing awareness to the problem of wrong site surgery errors.

The legal battle can be tough to go alone. It can be very complex and difficult without accepting help from a qualified personal injury law firm like Van Wey Law.

We can help you pick up the pieces of your life. We have over 30 years of experience representing personal injury clients. We encourage you to contact us about your case so that we can give you a free assessment and advise you about the best way to mover forward.

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