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Without Trust, Life Would Be Very Difficult

It would be hard to make it through the day with the thoughts that everyone around you is out to harm you.

Most of us do trust people and organizations we know well. We put our confidence in them because of their perceived honesty or outstanding qualifications.

But do we give away our trust too easily?

In some cases, especially when faced with the need for medical care, we do not have much of a choice. If you are reading this, it is possible that you or a loved one has been the victim of a medical or hospital mistake by a Texas care provider – possibly with severe and even catastrophic consequences.

We would like to help you out of your plight, giving some information that may clarify what can be done.

3 Main Categories of Medical Malpractice

There are three main categories of medical malpractice, preventable medical errors and mistakes, cases with catastrophic consequences, and operating room accidents.

Preventable Medical Errors and Mistakes

These types of incompetence and carelessness fall upon the care provider. They may include:

  • Misdiagnosis of a perceptible condition
  • Failure to take additional tests in case of uncertainty
  • Inappropriate communication between service providers
  • Failure to follow procedures
  • Incorrect record keeping
  • Shortage of personnel
  • Delay of intervention

Cases With Catastrophic Consequences, Like Birth Injuries

The pain of a new mother and father who are faced with the dreaded news of a birth injury to their baby is immense. In certain cases, injuries like birth hypoxia or cerebral palsy can be attributed to a mistake, negligence or error of judgment of the treating physician. If the injury leads to permanent disability or impairment, the parents’ lives will never be the same. Monetary compensation is essential to their survival.

Operating Room Accidents, Like Surgical Fires

Medical and hospital mistakesAs highly specialized professionals who combine dexterity and skill to save lives, surgeons rightfully deserve our esteem. Surgical intervention is a team effort, following a carefully choreographed screenplay with each detail being critical to the successful outcome. However, the handling of heat sources surrounded by flammable material in an oxygen-enriched atmosphere can start a surgical fire with devastating consequences.

Even in obvious or acknowledged cases, the immediate course of action is to collect the written statements and reports describing what happened, how and why. Many cases do require an extensive investigation which involves interrogating nurses, pharmacists and doctors, and looking into the procedures and the paper trail to find out what led to the patient’s aggravated medical condition. Your lawyer’s experience in dealing with complex medical issues is crucial to the successful completion of this step.

Do we give away our trust too easily? In some cases, especially when faced with the need for medical care, we do not have much of a choice.

You Need Top-Level Legal Support With Proficiency in Complex Medical Issues

No one wants to sue a doctor, surgeon, obstetrician or nurse who does his or her utmost to save lives, alleviate pain and bring patients back to health. It is, however, equally true that many medical mistakes in Texas are made with serious or fatal consequences for patients.

Negligence and sub-standard professional practice need to be held to account. In each one of the above mentioned categories of medical and hospital mistakes, Dallas-based attorney Kay Van Wey has the qualifications, the experience and the results to make her your best ally in your fight for justice.

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