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We are accepting certain cases involving victims who have been involved in an accident due to driver negligence.

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Pedestrian Accident Lawsuits

Pedestrians are the most vulnerable victims in traffic accidents. Pedestrian accidents often involve serious injuries, if not fatalities. Many pedestrian accidents occur due to driver negligence, for example, because a driver was texting, speeding or drinking and driving and hit a pedestrian as a result.

In these situations, the driver is at fault for the accident and the pedestrian victim may have a legal claim for compensation.

What Rights Do Pedestrians Have in Motor Vehicle Accidents?

Not all pedestrian accidents are due to driver negligence, however. Recently the law has changed in Texas so that pedestrians do have a “duty of care,” meaning the law recognizes that some pedestrian accidents are the pedestrian’s fault-- not the driver’s. If a pedestrian was jaywalking for instance, then the pedestrian may be found responsible for the accident if struck by a car.

However, when a pedestrian is struck while crossing a street at a crosswalk or while on the sidewalk, then likely the driver of the vehicle is responsible and the pedestrian may have a legal case.

Hiring a Pedestrian Accident Attorney

The severity of pedestrian accidents means that if you or a loved one are injured by a moving vehicle, it is critical to seek out an experienced personal injury lawyer to help you make the best decisions going forward.

Attorney Susan Allen at Van Wey Law has years of experience handling pedestrian accidents and making strong legal cases. Call today to talk to a member of our team about your situation for a no-cost consultation.

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