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Unfortunately, some serious personal injury victims attempt to settle their claims with insurance companies without anybody to represent them. Why?

Most of the time, victims of a serious injury or death of a loved one are very vulnerable and in shock, and don’t realize what their case is really worth, or what the cost of injuries may be. Insurance companies will do their best to pay you the least, and that is why it is essential to hire a knowledgeable, experienced personal injury lawyer to assist you with:

  • hospital and medical procedures
  • insurance company policies
  • determining what your past costs are and what future costs may be

We Handle a Wide Variety of Personal Injury Claims

The lawyers at Van Wey Law are dedicated to helping injured victims of serious accidents and holding liable parties accountable for their acts of negligence. Kay Van Wey has experience with serious injury cases stemming from serious motor vehicle accidents to medical malpractice.

Motor Vehicle Accidents

Motor vehicle accidents are an important area of focus for our attorneys. Texas cities like Dallas see massive amounts of vehicular traffic on a daily basis. Dallas alone is home to four major interstate highways: I-20, I-30, I-35, and I-45, plus numerous other U.S. Highways, State Highways, and Spur Routes. Fort Worth is similarly situated, with high-volume roads like Interstate 820.

Medical Malpractice

Doctors and medical staff do make mistakes and medical malpractice can and does occur. Dallas boasts numerous nationally recognized hospitals and medical research facilities. However, experienced Dallas medical malpractice lawyers recognize when…

  • a doctor fails to diagnose cancer or other medical conditions,
  • birth injuries are caused by an obstetrician committing an error during delivery,
  • an anesthesiologist provides the incorrect dose of medication during surgery.

Premises Liability

When a property manager or owner’s negligence leads to serious injury or death, there may be grounds for a premises liability claim. Examples include, but are not limited to assault in a poorly lit area, a drowning in a public pool or a slip and fall injury that occurs from a wet floor.

Workplace Injury

In addition to workers’ compensation, a third party may be held liable in certain workplace injuries. Examples of serious workplace injuries include:

  • traumatic brain injury suffered during a construction accident
  • shoulder and back injuries sustained from lifting heavy boxes
  • knee injuries from being asked to perform repetitive tasks over a sustained period of time.

Serious Personal Injury

Serious personal injury, including brain and spinal cord injuries, can occur as a result of severe accidents caused by someone else’s negligence. Examples commonly seen may include:

  • a head injury during a motorcycle accident caused by a drunk driver
  • spinal cord trauma caused by a slip and fall down poorly constructed stairs
  • a traumatic brain injury caused by a physical assault.

Hospital Liens

When you are seriously injured in an accident and seek medical help from a hospital in Dallas, you may be subject to a hospital lien. The hospital may then try to target any damages collected in a successful personal injury action. Our attorneys can work with you to protect as much of your settlement as possible.

Dangerous Drugs

Adverse reactions from dangerous prescription drugs can be lethal and provoke a variety of outcomes. From suicidal tendencies to strokes or worse, some drugs can have serious and long-term consequences.

Hospital Falls

Hospitals have a duty to protect their patients, and failure to do so can be considered medical negligence. In the hospital setting, patients who fall are there because they are not able to take care of themselves and it is the hospital’s responsibility to protect their patients within reason.

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