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The Dangers of Distracted Driving

It’s nearly impossible to avoid distractions today while driving. So many things tempt us to look down at our phones even while we are driving. So, what can be done to encourage people to stop being distracted by their electronic devices while driving?

One thing that may deter us from driving distracted is the following father’s story:

When Joel Feldman first learned his daughter had been hit and killed by a distracted driver, he went through feelings of shock, anger and hatred toward the driver who had hit her. The more he thought about it, however, the more he realized how he had done the same things the driver had done.

He went on to say that he texted every so often while driving, or even emailed, ate in the car and steered with his knees, like so many of us do. His daughter had been killed by a driver who took his eyes off the road for three seconds to reach for a drink.

Inattention Blindness

The National Safety Council believes this particular driver experienced “inattention blindness”. This means that the driver is so distracted that he or she misses up to 50 percent of the driving environment. This means that a driver experiencing this wouldn’t see pedestrians possibly and could easily run red lights.

Another interesting study conducted by the CDC showed that parents who drive distracted are more likely to have children who will drive distracted. Nearly 80% of children say their parents drive distracted. Too many adults are sending the wrong message to their young passengers while driving, and this needs to stop.

Our Brains Cannot Multitask

Our environment is so technical today that we are in such a habit of multitasking. Contrary to popular belief, the human brain cannot multitask. When we drive and talk on our phones our brains switch from one task to the other, but cannot do these two things simultaneously. Because so many people believe they can do both, distracted driving accidents are an epidemic and injuries and deaths caused by distracted drivers have become a serious public safety issue.

Distracted driving includes not only the use of technical devices while driving, but also actions like putting on make-up, eating, talking with passengers or using a GPS device. many agree that we are headed in the wrong direction by building cars with so many technical devices today.

What do you think?

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By: Kay Van Wey | December 17th, 2015

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