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Timeline of Who to Call After Your Car Wreck

Car accidents in Dallas County are not uncommon – in 2011 the Texas Department of Transportation reported 5,782 serious injury crashes resulting in 7,495 serious injuries. With over 35,000 total car crashes that year, there are potentially thousands of victims annually wondering what to do when a serious crash occurs.

Who to Call Following a Car Accident

If in a serious car accident, there are certain calls you should make immediately after the accident to help establish an injury claim.

You should contact emergency services right away so the police can be notified of the accident and come to the scene. If anyone has sustained injuries, you should request medical services as well. This should be done immediately after the crash occurs to ensure quick response to serious medical situations.

While the EMTs are attending to anybody who was injured, the police will be working on creating the police report that will serve as important evidence later on in your car accident claim. If emergency medical care is not received, set up an appointment with a doctor shortly after the accident.

Once you’ve received treatment, you should contact an experienced lawyer in your state. An attorney can inform you of your legal options and help you deal with the insurance company.

Finally, contact the insurance company. If there are serious injuries, if a loved one was lost, or if the case involves multiple drivers/victims, having an attorney before filing a claim with the insurance company can help ensure the process is handled properly.

After an Accident, Make the Call to an Attorney

Once the injuries are addressed and the victim is ready to file a car accident claim, talk to an attorney first. Van Wey, Presby & Williams PLLC is here to help victims of serious injury or wrongful death when a negligent driver causes a serious car accident in Texas. Contact our law firm today at (214) 329-1350 for a free consultation.

By: Kay Van Wey | December 10th, 2015

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