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Big Rig Tire Blowouts Cause Far Too Many Accidents

Every Texas driver has more than likely witnessed the aftermath of a big rig tire blowout, or has at least seen the debris that is left behind on the roadway.

Unfortunately, some have suffered through the horrible nightmare of a car accident as a result of a big rig tire blowout. These deadly accidents happen all too often on Texas roadways, and they can lead to critical injuries, or even fatalities.

When an accident like this occurs in heavy traffic, everyone in the vicinity can be impacted. There are various reasons that a tire blowout can happen, and it’s important to know how to handle this situation if one happens directly in front of you.

One of the most common reasons for a tire to blowout on a big rig has to do with a defective product. Just like other car parts, manufacturers can produce and sell tires that have a flaw or defect that makes them dangerous.

Sometimes, a recall will be issued to help protect individuals who have defective products on or inside their car, but it usually takes several accidents, and sometimes deaths, before a recall effort is initiated.

Even if an accident was partially caused by defective products, like a tire, the manufacturer may not be completely responsible for the accident. For example, if a recall has been issued on a specific tire, the trucking company and the driver would actually bear the majority of the responsibility if they fail to replace it.

Another leading cause of big rig tire blowouts has to do with maintenance. Preventing tire blowouts goes beyond servicing just the tire, for example.

If the truck’s brakes are not properly maintained and serviced regularly, they can overheat and cause the tire to fail. Or, if the trucking company has not installed the proper tires to begin with, devastating truck accidents can happen easily, even if the driver is proceeding cautiously otherwise.

A tire that is being used on a big rig should always meet minimum tread and depth requirements for that particular vehicle. If a different size tire is used, the load could completely give way and topple over the entire vehicle. There can also be negative consequences to mixing radial and bias tires on the same axle of the truck. All of these mistakes can cost lives, and many of the accidents that result from a big rig tire blowout are completely preventable.

A lot of that responsibility to maintain proper tire safety will fall on the driver of the truck. Before each trip, the driver has the responsibility to fully inspect the rig to ensure the safety of the vehicle.

One of the tests included in a comprehensive safety check involves checking tire pressure and wear, and this can often help a truck driver locate problems before they happen. If a tire is not inflated properly, the tire might deteriorate more quickly and fail. Likewise, if the driver of the vehicle loses control of the truck, a tire can blow and lead to a major accident.

Take heed and stay safe!

By: Kay Van Wey | December 13th, 2015

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