The conviction of Dr. Duntsch (Dr. Death)  in Feb. 2017 for gross malpractice, maiming and killing his patients while under the influence of drugs, was a landmark case and it one of the first times that a physician was convicted for deliberately maiming his patients.

Duntsch’s hands and surgical tools amounted to deadly weapons and he intentionally, knowingly, and recklessly harmed up to 15 of his patients. - reported by CBS DFW,Feb. 2017  

Kay Van Wey advocated on behalf of a dozen patients, and their families, who went under Dunstch’s knife and suffered egregious life altering injuries and death. 

The passage of time has in no way diminished the impact of the horrific acts of Dr. Death. It is important to:

  • Learn from the systemtic failures of the Dr. Duntsch case
  • Understand that many of those failures within the medical system still exist, and
  • Decide how to best protect your loved ones when they require serious surgery

Below, you will find more about the Dr. Duntsch case and Kay's role in helping place a deadly Dallas neurosurgeon behind bars.

Kay Vanwey - Dallas Attorney and Patient safety advocate

Listen to this series of podcasts from Wondery media, narrated by Laura Beil, award-winning medical journalist.  Read more in my blog.

The need for continued diligence and advocacy for change did not stop at the Duntsch’s conviction. There is a body of evidence, including physician completed surveys, that suggest 

 10 to 12%  have a subtance use problem

Physicians are 30-100 times more likely than the general population to become addicted to narcotics. What protection do you have?

American Bar Journal, 2017

As I have always said and believed, most doctors are good doctors — and good people. But the system for how we identify, report, and stop bad doctors is failing patients. The tragedy of the Christopher Duntsch story is that so many patients were harmed before he could be stopped. This is just incomprehensible and unacceptable.

Kay Van Wey,  Sept. 2019

The Making of a Surgeon Serial Killer

Published in the Attorney at Law Magazine, May 2017.  Read my blog.

When deposing the defendent as reported by Inside Edition, May 2014,  Kay asks:

Were you ever under the use of cocaine when you treated your patients?.....

          ....I take the 5TH

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