The backbone of our business if referrals from other attorneys. It is the highest compliment we can receive when other attorneys place their trust in us to take good care of their clients.

Often we get referrals from attorneys who do not do personal injury work at all. But more often we get referrals from other personal injury attorneys who do not do medical malpractice, drug and medical device product liability, class actions, catastrophic injury or wrongful death cases. THIS IS WHERE WE EXCEL.

You see, COLLABORATION IS GOOD. It is providing a service to your client, helping you avoid potential costly mistakes. We have an experienced team who can take on the biggest and most powerful adversaries.

If you are interested in becoming a member of our network of referring attorneys,  please contact us so that we can discuss a particular case with you or  in general how our Joint Representation of clients works.

We frequently  work under  a joint representation agreement so that you can be compensated for your past and continuing work on behalf of your client.

Please contact us  directly so that we discuss any matters you would like to collaborate on.