Vape pens, commonly referred to as JUULs, are being used in epidemic proportions by adolescents who do not understand the damage they are causing to their bodies.  Our Dallas based vape pen lawyers are ready to assist you or a loved one.

Have you or your child become addicted to nicotine after using JUUL e-cigarettes?

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We are Dallas Vape lawyers accepting certain cases where young people under the age of 26 have become addicted to nicotine after using JUUL e-cigarettes.

Youth vaping is an epidemic, and JUUL vape pens are at the epicenter.

“JUULing” has become commonplace for today’s youth. School bathrooms have become JUUL rooms,
high school sports teams bond over vaping, and students JUUL in class as a badge of honor.
Easily mistaken for a USB flash drive, JUUL vape pens or “e-cigs” are engineered to be discrete and easy
to hide from parents and teachers. The e-cigs are flavored to appeal to young users, with options
including mango and crème. Additionally, JUUL e-cigs are smooth to inhale and deliver nicotine at rate
nearly double that of traditional cigarettes, making them highly addictive and particularly damaging to
adolescent brain development.

The CDC, US Surgeon General, and the FDA have all recognized the dangers of JUUL vape pens and taken various actions to curb JUUL usage among adolescents.

What kinds of injuries are common from using vape pens?

The diagram below highlights the likely damage caused over time by the continued use of vape pens.  Our vape pen lawyers understand both the immediate and long-term physical impact of JUUL usage.

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What makes JUUL different from cigarettes?

JUUL e-cigs are uniquely dangerous because they use patented nicotine salts instead of the “freebase
nicotine” found in traditional cigarettes. Specifically, these nicotine salts deliver nicotine at a high
concentration and without the harsh effects of traditional cigarettes. This removes the body’s natural
physiological response to the dangerous chemicals found in cigarettes. As a result, minors can now
consume nicotine at a faster rate than ever before.

These benefits are particularly appealing to teens and young adults who are first-time smokers.
Whereas adult cigarette smokers are accustomed to the tobacco flavor of cigarettes and the associated
throat burn, JUUL is smoother on the throat and offers fruity flavors that appeal to young people.

Filling “Big Tobacco’s” Shoes:

JUUL picked up where the “Big Tobacco” industry left off.
In 2011, 1.5% of high school students reported using e-cigarettes. In 2018, that percentage skyrocketed
to 21%. This meteoric rise followed a 40-year decline in cigarette usage among young people—thanks in
part to the success of tobacco litigation in the 1980s and 1990s.
The CDC attributes this rise in youth tobacco usage specifically to JUUL and their marketing efforts
targeted at teens and young adults. JUUL advertised in ways that “big tobacco” no longer could, utilizing
billboards, social media, and celebrity endorsements. Specifically, the use of influencers, launch parties,
and marketing at college events worked to normalize tobacco among young people.
Much of the reason that JUUL was able to advertise is these ways was due to regulatory loopholes.
Eventually, these loopholes were closed, but the damage was already done. Accordingly, earlier this
year, both the House and Senate investigated JUUL, and the Food and Drug Administration launched a
campaign to curb its sales to teens.

How we can help you:

The JUUL or vape pen lawyers at Van Wey, Presby & Williams can help if you or a family member under the age of 26 has experienced nicotine addiction or other injury due to a JUUL e-cigarette vape pen. To determine if you might be able to receive compensation for your losses, call us for a confidential, no-cost
consultation. We have the experience necessary to help you with your JUUL e-cigarette addiction or
injury case.