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X-Lite Guardrail Accidents

X-Lite Guardrail Accidents

Guardrails are meant to keep drivers safe on the road, however if a guardrail is poorly designed or malfunctions, then it can actually result in less safe highway conditions. This can qualify a guardrail as defective and dangerous. One particular type of guardrail known as the “X-Lite” Guardrail may fall into this category.

What are X-Lite Guardrails?

X-Lite Guardrails are installed across the country, including in Texas. X-Lite Guardrails were intended to safely ‘telescope’ in, absorbing the impact of the crash and preventing vehicles from leaving the side of the road. However, these X-Lite Guardrails are reportedly impaling vehicles, causing serious injuries and even death. Rather than protecting drivers and lessening the damage of crashes– X-Lite Guardrails are malfunctioning and potentially creating an even more dangerous situation.

As of 2016, at least 7 deaths across the country have been linked to X-Lite Guardrails. As a result, Texas and several other states with X-Lite Guardrails installed on their roadways have decided to remove and replace the guardrails.

Unfortunately, such an undertaking is expensive and takes time, meaning many of these dangerous X-Lite Guardrails remain installed today. Among victims and the legal community there has been a push to hold the manufacturers of X-Lite responsible for the defective product and the injuries suffered because of its dangerous design.

Hiring an Experienced X-Lite Guardrail Lawsuit Attorney

Until every X-Lite Guardrail is removed from the road, drivers may be at a higher risk in guardrail collisions. If you or a loved one are injured in a car accident involving a guardrail, especially if the guardrail impaled the vehicle, you may have a legal case. Please, call our team today for a free consultation with an experienced Dallas guardrail lawsuit attorney.

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