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Nationally recognized, Van Wey, Metzler & Williams is a highly-skilled birth injury law firm and passionate advocate for justice. More than a group of experienced attorneys, we stand as your champions, your support, and your advocates when the unimaginable happens. If your baby has been harmed due to a medical team's oversight or neglect, we bring our full commitment and extensive knowledge to your side, providing solace and vigorous representation in this heart-wrenching journey.

Birth Injuries from Medical Missteps

In a time when you should be brimming with excitement for your baby’s arrival, that joy can be quickly destroyed by a tragic oversight made by a medical professional. This can be devastating, but you’re not alone. Our belief is unwavering: every child is entitled to optimal care, and those who falter in this duty must be held accountable. With a seasoned team of birth injury attorneys by your side, we’re relentless in our pursuit to demand responsibility for the harms caused during labor and delivery.

Revolutionary Attorneys Elevating Healthcare Standards

Our mission transcends obtaining compensation for catastrophic birth injuries. We aim to ignite change, to elevate healthcare standards so that every newborn receives the care they deserve. In fighting for your child, we also fight for a future where such tragedies are less likely to occur.

Financial compensation, while maybe not the forefront of your mind, is vital. It secures your child’s future and ensures all their needs—medical and otherwise—are met.

Compassionate Legal Guidance

Our compassionate Texas birth injury lawyers focus on the most severe cases, harnessing our knowledge and resolve to confront the healthcare giants. We recognize the whirlwind of emotions and the financial burdens weighing you down, and we’re poised to battle for the justice you and your precious child so rightly deserve.

Combining legal acumen with heartfelt empathy, our team in Dallas stands with you. We strive to lighten your load, shouldering the practical and financial challenges on your behalf. Our goal is to be more than your lawyers—we are your steadfast allies, relentlessly seeking justice for your child.

Reach Out for Support

If a medical error has altered the course of your child’s life, it’s time to speak with us. We welcome your calls, your emails—your story. Connect with us for guidance and to arrange a consultation with a Texas birth injury lawyer at (866) 329-0765.

Additionally, we handle catastrophic birth injury cases in almost every state. Together, we strive for the justice your family warrants.

Recognizing Potential Symptoms of Birth Injuries

If you’re concerned about the possibility of a birth injury, being vigilant about certain symptoms is crucial. Below is a list of symptoms that may indicate a birth injury occurred during labor and delivery. If you observe any of these, consider consulting with a medical professional and possibly birth injury attorneys to explore your options.

  • Unusual Motor Skills Development: If your child is displaying difficulty in reaching developmental milestones related to motor skills, such as grasping, walking, or crawling, it may be indicative of a birth injury affecting areas of the brain responsible for these functions.
  • Difficulty with Muscle Control: Signs that a child might develop cerebral palsy (CP), a condition often resulting from birth injuries, can include muscle stiffness or floppiness, spasms, or problems with coordination and balance.
  • Issues with the Umbilical Cord: Complications during labor and delivery involving the umbilical cord, such as entanglement or compression, can lead to hypoxic ischemic encephalopathy (HIE), which is a type of brain injury that occurs due to a lack of adequate oxygenated blood to the baby during labor and delivery.
  • Abnormal MRI Findings: Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) can reveal damage to parts of the brain, which may be due to a head trauma or reduced oxygen supply. This can signal various types of birth injuries, including CP and HIE.
  • Variations in Blood Pressure: High or low maternal blood pressure during delivery can affect a baby’s oxygen supply, potentially leading to brain cells damage and birth injuries.
  • Seizures: The onset of seizures shortly after birth may suggest brain injuries, often pointing to an underlying issue that may have been caused by medical malpractice during labor and delivery.
  • Developmental Delays: Any significant lag in cognitive, social, speech, or physical development could be a sign of developmental delay due to a birth injury. Regular assessments are important to monitor the child’s progress.
  • Breathing Problems: Difficulties in breathing or requiring resuscitation at birth may indicate hypoxic injuries, which can have lasting effects on a child’s quality of life and life expectancy.

These symptoms include some of the more common indications of a birth injury, but this list is not exhaustive. Early diagnosis and intervention can be crucial in managing the consequences of birth injuries and improving outcomes. If you suspect your child has suffered from a birth injury due to possible medical malpractice, seeking legal advice may help ensure the necessary resources are available for your child’s care and future quality of life.

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Financial Impact of a Birth Injury

The costs for ongoing care following a birth injury are monumental. From special equipment to lifelong therapies, our seasoned Dallas birth injury lawyers factor in every potential cost. Our goal is to ensure that any settlement or court verdict addresses the full extent of your needs and encompasses all the financial costs related to your child’s birth injury.

Defending Your Child’s Future

In the unfortunate event that medical malpractice has shadowed your child’s birth, securing legal expertise is imperative. As parents, you are the voice for your child, and selecting a law firm that resonates with your experience is critical. Our promise is to listen intently, advocate fiercely, and strive for the peace of mind you deserve.

Answers to Your Urgent Questions

What caused this injury to happen to my child?

It’s natural to question why your child has suffered a birth injury, and the uncertainty can be agonizing. You might wonder if it was a cruel twist of fate or a preventable error. Often, medical professionals won’t acknowledge their mistakes, leaving you in the dark.

Our role as birth injury attorneys is to shed light on the truth. By meticulously reviewing your case, we aim to identify whether negligence played a part, pinpoint who is liable, and pursue the compensation that your family is entitled to receive.

How can I tell if my child’s injury was the result of medical negligence?

A doctor or hospital is unlikely to concede any mistakes, as this could be a costly admission. That’s why securing a seasoned birth injury lawyer is essential. Someone who is adept at uncovering the truth, who knows the critical questions to pose, the crucial records to review, and the subtle details to observe. Birth injury cases are complex, and you need someone with the expertise to counter the robust defenses you’ll encounter.

What is the typical duration for resolving a birth injury lawsuit?

The journey through a birth injury lawsuit can be prolonged, sometimes stretching over several years. Persistence and expertise are key, which is why partnering with a birth injury attorney who can commit to your case for the long haul is vital. The timeline for your case will depend on various aspects, including the extent of the injury, the depth of the investigation needed, the volume of pertinent witnesses, and the openness of the other side to come to a settlement, among others.

In what ways do medical professionals cause birth injuries?

Some birth injuries result from medical staff taking an unnecessarily forceful approach during delivery, such as the misuse of delivery instruments like forceps or vacuum extractors or handling the baby too roughly. Others arise from a failure to properly interpret and act on abnormal fetal monitor tracings, failure to monitor critical signs appropriately, missing the cues of oxygen deprivation, fetal distress, umbilical cord issues, or infections—all of which can lead to severe consequences like brain damage or cerebral palsy.

What kind of compensation can I expect from a birth injury claim?

Every birth injury claim is unique, making it difficult to predict a compensation amount without a detailed understanding of your case. Be cautious of any attorney who quotes a sum without a thorough examination. The compensation you might receive can cover a range of expenses and damages, from immediate and future medical costs to rehabilitation, therapy, loss of wages, emotional distress, and physical suffering, to possible punitive damages in certain cases.

Seeking an Attorney Who Focuses on Birth Injury Law

Within the niche of medical malpractice, birth injury stands out as particularly intricate. Generalist firms often pass such cases to those who, like us, specialize in this heartbreaking practice area. If something feels amiss about your child’s birth, trust that intuition—early legal intervention is crucial.

What Personal Injury and Medical Malpractice

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"I honestly don’t believe I could have gotten a better result with any other lawyers"

April of 2023, we finally reached a conclusion to the case and it was wildly successful by all accounts from those I know who live this profession in and out, every day. I can’t lie; "winning" my case didn’t make my loss less painful or my world bright and shiny. But having a team of attorneys that care and that explored every avenue of redress helped me feel like I was heard and valued and that my loss was unique and individual and worth pursuing. I honestly don’t believe I could have gotten a better result with any other lawyers. It’s not easy and it’s never simple to fight a system legally entrenched to quash due process in cases of potential culpability. The good news is, I didn’t have to. Luke and the folks at Van Wey, Metzler, Williams did the hard work and heavy lifting. I would recommend their representation without hesitation!

— Travis Shields

"Kay took a very personal
interest in my case."

Kay had the medical expertise and knowledge to ask the right questions. She navigated very professionally through our complicated case.”

— Al and Donna

"If this law firm is on the case, there is no question that justice will be served."

Van Wey, Metzler, and Williams has expertise unparalleled in other medical malpractice law firms. I trust them to turn every stone to make sure their clients receive the representation they deserve. If this law firm is on the case, there is no question that justice will be served.

— Ellen Presby

"Our family was having a hard time finding a lawyer to take a look at our case ."

Whenever we came to Luke he was more than happy to help. Not only was he a great lawyer, he a very genuine person.

— Colin Cain

"Luke & his team were amazing!"

They were very responsive throughout the whole process, and they had our best interest in mind. The level of professionalism at Van Wey, Metzler & Williams is unmatched. We couldn't have asked for a better experience.

— Paul Schaeffer

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