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Ronald and Betty

“Kay Van Wey got right on it and helped me get my medical bills taken care of.”

On December 19, 2011, Betty was on her way to work when she was struck head-on by a driver who was attempting to pass an 18 wheeler in a no passing zone… Ronald suffered some serious back injuries following a car accident in Dallas in which he was rear-ended. He was referred to Kay Van Wey, and he was so pleased with the job she had done getting him the help he needed that, years later, when his wife was involved in a motor vehicle accident, she also sought help from Kay.

“I was rear-ended in ’93 taking my son to driver’s ed, and got rear-ended by a 16 year-old at a red light. It was bad enough that they finally had to put me on total disability. So I called my ex-mother-in-law, and she told me about Kay Van Wey, and she was super with us.”

Betty and Ronald explained how Kay helped them through the legal process:

“We had used Kay before, and so I contacted Kay Van Wey again. Immediately, they were concerned about me and all that I had been through. So, Kay got right on it and helped me get my medical bills and my hospital bills and all taken care of. Kay is so personable. I love her to death. It’s like you’re talking to a friend when you’re talking to her.”

Kay helped Betty and Ronald get through the process of taking care of the finances and did a “super” job handling their case…

“She guided me through the processes that I needed to go through and helped me to understand the things that I would have to go through with the insurances.”

Ronald had a bad experience with another attorney who was “out for himself”, instead of putting him first…

“I was going through this process on my neck, so my company wanted me to go on total disability, so we had to get a separate attorney. The other attorney was ‘Me, I’m out for me.’ and that was his whole deal. All I was trying to get was my social security.”

Betty and Ronald explain how Kay was there for them:

“I know I live in a small town, and she’s up there in Dallas in this big office, but it was very comforting to know that I had her, and she makes you feel very comfortable.” “Kay’s there for you. It’s not about her. She makes you feel like it’s about you.”

Al and Donna

Al was out riding his motorcycle in Dallas on the afternoon of March 8, 2011, when out of nowhere he was hit and run over by a delivery truck. After being care-flighted to Methodist Hospital, his wife Donna was told he had sustained very serious injuries, crushing most everything on the right side of his body and suffering a traumatic brain injury as well. Donna, along with Al’s brother, were not sure where to turn for help, or what to do. They were devastated, confused and shocked by such an unexpected tragedy, and this left them quite vulnerable.

That’s when they contacted Kay Van Wey for help.

“We will always remember how the entire staff at Van Wey Law, a small, family-oriented firm, treated us like family. They responded to our phone calls, emails and always got back to us with lightning speed. Kay had the medical expertise and knowledge to ask the right questions. She navigated very professionally through our complicated case.”

Linda and Monica Kelley

“I can’t stress this enough. She’s not about herself… Kay is about helping the people that are her clients.

She made it seem like we were a family. It wasn’t like lawyer, client. It was family. It’s almost like she felt my pain, what I was going through. And she wanted us to be compensated and be able to live as though he was still here.”

Linda never thought she would need an attorney until her husband was tragically killed in a car accident near Dallas. She had two young children to raise and didn’t know where to turn. Attorney Kay Van Wey helped Linda and her family to put the pieces back together. Linda explains how Kay helped Linda through the legal process:

“My husband passed away, due to a car accident in ’92, August the 2nd of ’92, and I needed someone to help me out because when something like that happens, it’s devastating, and you just don’t know where to go.

First of all, she made me feel comfortable, and she let me know that she was there for me and to work for me and my children, so that right there in itself won me over, you know with her, that she was there for me, and it wasn’t about money, you know for her, because of the whole situation, so I felt comfortable.

It was devastating at that particular time to have to raise these two children, being a single widow. So she went through the process of asking the questions, and I felt comfortable, and knowing that she had my back and that she was looking out, not just because of what had happened, but she knew that I had to raise my children and it was going to be a long road ahead for me. So like I said, that made me feel comfortable within itself, knowing that she was going to get everything she could for me, and I wasn’t about her. It was about me and my children, because the loss was for us.

You hear all these other commercials about what they’re doing, but it’s the personal relationship that Kay works with you to make you feel comfortable. That’s what I love about her.”

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