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Exploding Tea Kettle

Lenox Tea Kettle Recall: Don’t Get Burned by Faulty Tea Kettles

Almost everyone has experienced an accident in the kitchen. But have you ever been injured or burned by a tea kettle explosion? It may not be your fault.

The local consumer protection agency has recently received over 6 claims of exploding Lenox tea kettles due to design and manufacturing defects.

Defective Products in General

Defective products are products that are defectively designed, manufactured, or marketed. These defects hinder proper and safe use by the consumer.

There are three different reasons why a product may be defective:

  • The product at issue may suffer from a design defect: This means there is a flaw in the design that hinders the product from performing properly; A manufacturer is held liable for a design defect when the design of the product causes a foreseeable risk of injury when the product was manufactured as intended and was used properly for its intended purpose
  • The product at issue may suffer from a manufacturing defect: With a manufacturing defect, there is no issue with the design, rather an error in manufacturing is what makes the product dangerous to the consumer; or
  • The product at issue may lack adequate warnings, cautions, or instructions for proper use due to a marketing defect.

Defective Tea Kettle Explosion

How Can We Help You?

If a tea kettle or other similar dangerous product has injured you, it is important to seek a lawyer who can, and will fight for compensation for your injuries. If you or someone you know has been severely injured or burned as a result of a tea kettle explosion, or you think you may have a possible product liability claim for a defective tea kettle, please contact us immediately to review your case. We have the knowledge, skill, resources, and experience to ensure that your rights are protected when manufacturer’s negligence harms you.

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