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Nationally recognized, Van Wey, Metzler & Williams stands as a top-tier birth injury law firm in Fort Worth. If your infant has undergone a severe birth injury because of an oversight or negligence of medical professionals who were meant to provide care, we’re here to guide you through these difficult circumstances.

Our dedicated Fort Worth birth injury attorneys concentrate on severe cases, boasting the expertise and resilience to confront the healthcare industry. We recognize the emotional turmoil and financial demands you’re grappling with, and we’re unwavering in our mission to secure justice for you and your child.

Birth Injuries Stemming from Medical Negligence

When medical practitioners or hospital personnel err and harm your newborn, the impact is heart-wrenching. Instead of rejoicing over the birth of your child, you’re engulfed with sorrow and uncertainty. We firmly believe that every child should receive optimal care, and those accountable for such injuries should face consequences. Our seasoned birth injury attorneys in Fort Worth are dedicated to ensuring that negligent individuals are held responsible for the harm inflicted.

Raising the Bar and Enhancing Healthcare

At Van Wey, Metzler & Williams, our goals exceed mere compensation. We aim to bring about enduring change in the healthcare sector. By tackling grave birth injury cases, we set a precedent, driving a rise in the standard of care provided to infants.

While financial considerations might not be your primary concern amidst your child’s suffering, acquiring compensation remains pivotal for handling medical costs, ensuring long-term care, and safeguarding your child’s future.

Empathetic Legal Assistance

Our Fort Worth birth injury lawyers blend vast experience with genuine concern, offering the support essential during this taxing phase. We’re wholeheartedly committed to assisting you through the upcoming practical and monetary challenges. Your family has already borne too much; let us help lessen your load. As your legal representatives, we stand ready to champion justice for your child.

Reach Out to Our Compassionate Legal Team

Should you suspect that your child’s injury resulted from medical oversight or malpractice, please reach out immediately. We’re here to listen, provide guidance, and discuss your situation. Initiate a consultation with our Texas birth injury lawyers by dialing (866) 329-0765. We’re dedicated to assisting you in attaining the justice that you and your child rightfully deserve.

Pivotal Birth Injuries

Birth injuries can transpire during pregnancy, labor, childbirth, or post-birth. Various injuries exist, including anoxic/hypoxic injuries and physical trauma. Some injuries become evident immediately, while others might surface months, or occasionally, years post-birth. To glean more information about specific injuries or to have your case evaluated, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Cost Implications Post Birth Injury

Infants enduring catastrophic birth injuries might need lifelong care and could face exorbitant costs. The expenses for special equipment, therapy, and medical treatment can skyrocket. As adept birth injury lawyers in Fort Worth, we calculate the potential financial strain and integrate all projected costs when initiating a birth injury lawsuit.

Our dedicated legal team will work with you to assess projected expenses and work towards a just settlement from the at-fault medical professionals. If the need arises, we’re equipped to go to trial to ensure those responsible answer for your child’s suffering.

Championing Your Child

If you believe your child’s birth injury stems from medical malpractice, securing an attorney seasoned in grave birth injury cases is crucial. At Van Wey, Metzler & Williams, we pledge to attentively hear your birth injury narrative, combining care with potent legal advocacy. Our mission is to alleviate your stress, allowing your focus to remain on your child’s well-being and growth.

Frequently Asked Questions About Birth Injury Claims

“Why did this happen?”

This is a question we frequently encounter, and it deeply saddens us to see parents and their children grappling with birth injuries. Parents often yearn for an answer to this question. You might wonder whether it’s just an unfortunate event or someone’s fault. Given that medical institutions and professionals rarely acknowledge their mistakes, parents often feel lost.

Our role as birth injury lawyers is to shed light on that uncertainty. Through meticulous investigation, we strive to ascertain if there was any negligence, identify the accountable parties, and determine the rightful compensation for your family.

“How can I determine if a doctor/hospital is at fault for my child’s injury?”

Professionals in the healthcare setting, both doctors and other hospital staff members, typically won’t acknowledge mistakes. Being open about their faults isn’t advantageous for them. Remember, hospitals operate like businesses, and they’ll often prioritize their financial interests, sometimes revealing minimal information to safeguard against liabilities.

For this reason, it’s imperative to engage a seasoned birth injury lawyer. These cases are intricate. With healthcare providers presenting robust defenses, you require a steadfast advocate.

Choosing a highly-skilled birth injury lawyer specializing in malpractice ensures you have someone who can delve deep, scrutinizing relevant records and asking the pertinent questions.

“How long is the duration of a birth injury case?”

Regrettably, resolving a birth injury case can be protracted. Some can extend over several years. This underlines the importance of having a well-equipped and seasoned birth injury lawyer, capable of persevering irrespective of the case’s duration.

The time a birth injury case consumes hinges on factors like the gravity of the injury, the investigative period, the number of witnesses, the opposition’s tenacity, the availability of medical documents, among other considerations.

“How are birth injuries caused by doctors?”

There are instances where doctors might be too forceful during delivery, resorting to forceps or vacuums when it’s not necessary. Misusing these instruments or physically handling an infant without due care can lead to significant injuries, including brain damage.

On other occasions, medical personnel might neglect to continuously monitor both the mother and baby during labor. This oversight can mean missing vital signs such as oxygen deprivation (leading to conditions like cerebral palsy, brain damage, or hypoxia), fetal distress, compression of the umbilical cord, and potential infections.

“How much might a birth injury attorney secure in compensation?”

Providing an exact amount is challenging since it’s contingent on numerous factors. Quoting a figure without comprehensive details of your case is speculative. Be cautious if any lawyer guarantees a certain amount.

Potential compensation includes:

  • Medical bills associated with the injury
  • Projected future medical expenditures
  • Rehabilitation and therapeutic expenses
  • Lost earnings (if caregiving affects employment)
  • Charges for residential care, specialized schooling, and institutional care
  • Emotional distress and anguish
  • Physical suffering resulting from the injuries
  • Punitive damages

Gathering Documentation

No matter which legal firm you decide upon, it’s crucial to amass a comprehensive set of documents to bolster your birth injury claim. These records will enable your lawyer to conduct an in-depth investigation of your case. Be sure to gather:

  • Full names of every healthcare provider involved in the maternity and delivery process.
  • Names and contact information of medical facilities used before and after your child’s birth.
  • Details of any prescription medication taken by the mother before delivery and any medication prescribed to the child after birth.
  • Comprehensive notes, pictures, videos, or any other evidence related to the care provided during pregnancy and after birth.
  • Descriptions of any concerns expressed before, during, or after your child’s birth.

Reaching Out for Assistance

If a birth injury has befallen your child, don’t hesitate. Contact us at (866) 329-0765 for a complimentary consultation or to discuss your circumstances. United, we can make a difference for your child and hold negligent healthcare practitioners to account.

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