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Van Wey, Metzler & Williams

Award Winning Trial Lawyer – Groundbreaking Patient Advocate

Van Wey, Metzler & Williams is an award winning medical malpractice law firm with a reputation for standing up to medical corporations and the agencies that are supposed to regulate them. Attorney Kay Van Wey, renowned trial lawyer and founding partner of the firm, is especially recognized for a great deal more than her legal expertise.

She is a passionate advocate for patient rights, relentlessly working to improve patient safety and hold healthcare systems and their providers accountable for their actions. Ms. Van Wey has been recognized as one of the Top 100 Trial Lawyers in America and has won numerous awards for her dedication and expertise in the field of medical malpractice law. She is also consistently recognized by her peers in the legal profession as one of the leading trial lawyers in the United States.

Beyond Dr. Death

Perhaps most famously, Attorney Van Wey successfully prosecuted Dr. Christopher Duntsch, also known as ‘Dr. Death,’ in Texas. Dr. Duntsch was a neurosurgeon who left a trail of paralyzed and deceased patients in his wake. Attorney Van Wey’s tireless efforts to hold him accountable for his negligence, as she successfully represented dozens of his victims, helped to bring about the circumstances which resulted in a life sentence for Dr. Duntsch.

However, Ms. Van Wey’s work goes far beyond any individual case. She is steadfastly working to help pass a new bill in Texas aimed at improving patient safely and holding healthcare providers accountable for their actions, because, as she stated in 2021, “I wish I could say that as a result of my efforts and the national publicity, the system failures have been fixed – unfortunately, that is far from the truth.”

This bill was sparked by KXAN investigative Reporter Jody Barr’s in-depth investigations into medical transparency and patient safety in Texas. The bill would require the Texas Medical Board to release information on all disciplinary actions against doctors in the state, as well as require healthcare facilities to report adverse events that result in patient harm.

In an interview with Matt Grant of KXAN, Attorney Van Wey emphasized that this bill is about patient safety and transparency. She stated, “The more information patients have, the better they are able to make informed decisions about their healthcare.”

Continually Advocating for Reform

While not directly involved in the Dr. Raynaldo Ortiz case, where he is accused of poisoning patients through IV bags, Attorney Van Wey has again been asked to weigh in on these troubling issues. In an October, 2022 WFAA follow-up to Dr. Ortiz’ jailhouse interview, Van Wey explains doctors are often allowed to resign in order to skirt the legal obligation to report them to the National Practitioner Data Bank, which “results in other hospitals not being warned.”

Kay Van Wey reveals a continuing problem, “What I’ve seen over and over and over again, in medical malpractice cases, is that great deference seems to be given to the physicians’ rights, and they want to give the physician due process,” Van Wey said. “But in the meanwhile, what about the poor patient?”  This statement alone demonstrates Van Wey, Metzler & Williams’ steadfast commitment to not only their clients, but to patients throughout the healthcare system.

Changing The System

Attorney Van Wey’s dedication to patient safety and advocacy is extraordinary. She is not only fighting for her clients in the courtroom, but also working tirelessly to change the health care system itself. In fact, she would like nothing more than to see a day when medical malpractice law would no longer be necessary. Additionally, the attorneys working alongside Ms. Van Wey are likewise committed to attaining these same ambitious goals, and are devoted to attaining justice for the patients they represent.

It is rare to find a law firm where the attorneys are passionate about their work and also so committed to making a difference in the world. The legal team at Van Wey, Metzler & Williams  are true champions for patients, working steadfastly to ensure they receive the care and respect they deserve, and negligent providers are held accountable.

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