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Van Wey, Metzler & Williams is an award winning medical malpractice law firm with a reputation for standing up to medical corporations and the agencies that are supposed to regulate them. Attorney Kay Van Wey, renowned trial lawyer and founding partner of the firm, is especially recognized for a great deal more than her legal expertise.

Profit Over Life: Brentwood Nursing Center

Over the course of the last three months our nation has experienced a shift in the way we live, interact and care for one another. Nursing homes have been in the spotlight since the virus began spread...

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Can You Get Fired for Protesting? The Six Questions You Need to Ask Before You Go

Although the First Amendment offers protection for free speech and peaceful assembly, this protection only goes so far in the workplace. First Amendment protections extend to public-sector employees b...

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Kay Van Wey Talks COVID19 Vaccine Liability on Legal Talk Today Podcast

Episode NotesTexas personal injury attorney Kay Van Wey returns to talk about vaccine liability and the possible claim options for people injured by cures. Among the topics discussed:Common Vacci...

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Nursing Homes During COVID-19: Resources and Questions to Ask

During the last few months, nursing homes across the country have witnessed thousands of coronavirus-related deaths. As we’ve watched these numbers climb over the past few weeks, multiple news outlets...

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Hazing is Not Okay

With Labor Day already in our rearview mirror, it can only mean one thing – kids of all ages, have gone back to school. If you are like me, and my fellow parents in the VWPW law team, back to school i...

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2019 Super Lawyers

Congratulations to founder, Kay Van Wey  for her selection as 2019 Super Lawyers in their respective fields. Both have been selected for as Super Lawyers for more than 15 years for their conti...

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Best Lawyer 2020 Selection

Founder, Kay Van Wey was selected for the Best Lawyer 2020 – Medical Malpractice (Plaintiff) and Personal Injury (Plaintiff) awards.  And Van Wey, Metzler & Williams, PLLC was also r...

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Texas Distracted Driving Accidents Contribute To High Traffic Fatality Rate

Texas distracted driving accidents are a common occurrence throughout the state. But while other states have enacted all out bans against texting and driving, Texas has yet to enact a ban that would prohibit people from ...

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Life After A Traumatic Brain Injury

More than a year after suffering a traumatic brain injury, Arizona Representative Gabby Giffords resigned from her U.S. House seat January 25, 2012. Despite the great strides she has made in her ...

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Hospitalized for the Holidays

No one wants to be in the hospital during the holidays.That being said, the rise in injuries from holiday activities makes it likely that you or a loved one will be watching Rudolph learn to fly from ...

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Gratitude. Schmaditude.It’s a term that’s very popular, especially this time of year, but what do we really know about it?I can rattle off my “short list” pretty quickly and easily:Moth...

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“Dr Death” Podcast Tells Story of Deadly Dallas Neurosurgeon

A new podcast from Wondery Media, Dr. Death, puts a spotlight on the deadly Dallas Neurosurgeon, Christopher Duntsch. As one of the lawyers involved in these cases against Dr. Duntsch, I represen...

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