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Dr. Death: Peacock True Crime Drama Reveals the Ugliest Side of Medical Malpractice

Although the disclaimer before each episode of the Dr. Death Peacock original series says the show dramatizes events in the story for television, the truth is not far off, making this streaming series...

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Dr. Death Episode 1: A Look Inside the True Crime Peacock Show

We had a chance to review Dr. Death Episode 1, the first episode of the new medical drama TV series on Peacock, in time for its premiere today. Although “entertained” would be the wrong word for a rea...

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Dr. Death: The Long & Bloody Road to Justice for Dallas’ Deadly Doctor

The story of Dr. Death, Christopher Duntsch, feels like something out of a movie or book. A deranged surgeon runs amok, maiming and killing multiple patients, unhindered by a medical community sworn t...

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Dr. Death TV Series Premieres July 15 on Peacock

The Peacock Dr. Death TV series, which details the horrifyingly true story of deranged Dallas neurosurgeon Dr. Christopher Duntsch,  premieres July 15 on the NBC-owned streaming service.More than...

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VWPW Team Recognized by Super Lawyers 2020

Congratulations to Kay Van Wey, Ellen Presby and Brady Williams for being recognized by Texas Super Lawyers 2020! Kay and Ellen have both been recognized as Texas Super Lawyers for the past 15 years a...

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Nelda Price Files Police Brutality Case Against Fort Worth Police Department

Imagine sitting in your living room, relaxing with your family after a hard day’s work. All of a sudden, without a knock or any warning, swarms of armed police officers burst into your home. After for...

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How RBG’s Legacy Continues to Influence Lawyers as Servants of the Community

Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg was undeniably one of the greatest examples of what a lawyer should be. One month since her passing, we continue to honor her incredible life, remarkable career and passion...

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Kay Van Wey Recognized by Best Lawyers in America

For years, Kay Van Wey has been recognized by her peers and community as one of the best personal injury and medical malpractice attorneys in Dallas and in Texas. However, Van Wey, Presby & Willia...

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Profit Over Life: Brentwood Nursing Center

Over the course of the last three months our nation has experienced a shift in the way we live, interact and care for one another. Nursing homes have been in the spotlight since the virus began spread...

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Can You Get Fired for Protesting? The Six Questions You Need to Ask Before You Go

Although the First Amendment offers protection for free speech and peaceful assembly, this protection only goes so far in the workplace. First Amendment protections extend to public-sector employees b...

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Kay Van Wey Talks COVID19 Vaccine Liability on Legal Talk Today Podcast

Episode NotesTexas personal injury attorney Kay Van Wey returns to talk about vaccine liability and the possible claim options for people injured by cures. Among the topics discussed:Common Vacci...

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Nursing Homes During COVID-19: Resources and Questions to Ask

During the last few months, nursing homes across the country have witnessed thousands of coronavirus-related deaths. As we’ve watched these numbers climb over the past few weeks, multiple news outlets...

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