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Dallas Surgery Center Investigated for Compromised IV Bag

| Kay Van Wey


In a disturbing developing story, a Dallas-based surgery center operated by Baylor Scott and White recently suspended all operations after a doctor’s suspicious death was linked to a possible tainted IV bag at the facility.

Baylor Scott and White has confirmed that it has paused surgeries at the Surgicare North Dallas facility after an IV bag appeared to have been compromised.

The investigation into the source of the alleged compromised IV bag follows the death of a local anesthesiologist after taking home an IV and administering herself fluids following surgery.

At first it was believed that she died of a heart attack but the toxicology analysis performed by Dallas County Medical Examiner revealed the cause of death was due to toxic effects of bupivacaine, a local anesthetic drug used to relieve pain during surgery.

While the investigation is ongoing, Van Wey, Metzler and Williams is concerned that this may not be an isolated incident and that other patients may have been severely harmed or killed as a result of being administered a compromised IV bag during surgery.

These concerns and suspicions follow a disturbing trend of intentional criminal conduct by health care providers in Texas.

In 2021, an East Texas nurse was sentenced to death for killing four patients at a Tyler hospital by injecting air into patients’ arterial systems.

In a story that recently gained global attention, a former Dallas neurosurgeon, Christopher Duntsch, aka “Dr. Death”, was accused of intentionally harming many patients and ultimately convicted of maiming a patient and sentenced to life in prison. The conviction of Duntsch was a precedent-setting case, as it was the first time that a physician was convicted on criminal charges for actions in the course of their medical work.

VWMW’s own Kay Van Wey was an instrumental figure in helping many of the victims left in Dr. Death’s wake and ensuring that this dangerous doctor would not be able to harm other patients in the future.

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As patient safety advocates and a powerful voice for the wrongfully injured, Van Wey, Metzler and Williams is dedicated to ensuring justice and accountability in the health care community.

Van Wey, Metzler & Williams is a dedicated team of award-winning attorneys with a proven track record of helping medical malpractice victims.

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***September 12 Update***

The doctor, Raynaldo Rivera Ortiz, who has been under investigation for his possible connection to a tampered IV bag has been suspended. His license was revoked by the Texas Medical board due to the fact that he poses “a continuing threat to public welfare.” It was not the first mark on Ortiz’s record either. His record shows multiple healthcare sanctions filed against him dating back to 2018. One sanction happened as recently as early 2022 when he failed to provide lifesaving care to a patient in need of CPR.


***September 14 Update***

As of today, Dallas police have arrested Ortiz on a federal warrant on suspicion of contaminating IV bags. At least five patients have experienced medical emergencies while undergoing routine surgical procedures at Baylor Scott & White Surgicare North Dallas since May. The number of affected patients is likely much higher. Dr. Ortiz also had privileges and participated in surgeries at several hospitals in the DFW metro. The story is continuing to develop.



**VWMW will provide updates as this story continues to develop**

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