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10 Documents Your Attorney Needs for Your Car Accident Case

In 2011 the Texas Department of Transportation reported 211,006 people were injured in car accidents. After a serious injury in a car accident in Dallas, meeting with a car accident attorney is one of the best steps a victim can take to help support a car accident injury claim.

To help the attorney get started on the case, it’s important to provide her with the essential documents related to the claim.

Here are ten types of documents a victim should bring to a consultation:

  • a copy of the insurance policy;

  • the police report (if available);

  • contact information for other drivers and any witnesses;

  • any correspondence received from the insurance companies;

  • letters from the other driver’s attorney;

  • medical records;

  • photographs;

  • traffic citations;

  • vehicle damage estimates; and

  • pay stubs/work records for time missed from work.

Not all of these documents may be available or relevant to the case, but the general idea is to bring any evidence and documentation that may help the attorney develop the case.

After the initial meeting, the accident attorney may request further documentation about medical history or work history to ensure the maximum amount of damages available is achieved.

Documentation and evidence are the foundation upon which the car accident injury claim will be built. Without proof of negligence and liability, as well as damages, one may be unable to secure a fair settlement for the injuries and losses sustained.

By: Kay Van Wey | December 11th, 2015

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